3600 media planning

3600 media planning

Our 360 degree media planning is an attempt to offer clients with an overall online marketing strategy. We plan to help the business attain a good front edge online with its presence. Our experienced online marketing professionals encompass business growth online from discovery to the point of purchase across multiple devices. It is basically a pro-plan and an effort to create big ecosystem of contents which leads to conversion with your business website, product or service.

The buzz for the business website is created as professionals leverage overall digital marketing tact.   360 degree internet marketing process includes- Web page design, SEO, SMO, PPC, Branding Campaign, App Creation & Promotion, engaging customer communication, social media engagement, outbound email, inbound lead nurturing. But the key facets to strategizing pro- plan for the business are- audience behavior for the brand, business requirement, objective and unique selling point of the business.

Prominence and visibility for the business go perfect for a website once it is backed by right content that highlights the message of the product/ service. Media Planning strategy begins with layout of-

  • Content strategy

  • Engagement of social Media

  • Out of the box creative activity

  • Search Engine Marketing

We help in building active communities, groups and fans followers for the business page on social channels. We do not just create accounts on social channels but keep a close eye on the active conversion that runs on social channel and competitor blog circle. We experiment throughout with each tool of multiple digital marketing channels to discover what’s best for the business. Finally, we do not simply build a brand and derive brand presence online but attain long term relationship for the business.

We create compelling content that delivers best the message concerning the business. it is spread across channels to fuel it up and widen outreach of inbound traffic that finally leads to good Return On Investment (ROI).  Most reliable channels of Social Media are selected to create the buzz for the brand and drive relationship with the target audience. The perfect synchrony of organic and in-organic internet marketing services is adopted. Whatever in organic tact we apply such as Facebook ad Campaigns, LinkedIn ad campaigns, Google Adwords, SEM campaigns and much more will not shoot the budget allocated for the activity.

Experts’ marketers of our company will add value to your business by analyzing creative approaches that work for a given situation. It may be by running an affiliate program, designing applications for web or mobile or engage segmented groups for the site. This depends on the performance of activity experimented to test the results it gives in return. There will be no compromise with the solutions which we come up with, just handle the duty and rest is what delights you with our dedicated service.