Search   Marketing

Search   Marketing

We help in resolving search activities of the business easy and flawless. Search campaigns created by us are designed to help businesses display ads to the right audience every time they run it across Google search and on content networks. Our Search marketing solutions includes all the platforms Google, Yahoo, Bing and many other search channels. The search solutions we offer include both paid and natural search solutions. Brands communicate with the target audience most effectively because our experts make it so.

We facilitate both paid as well as natural search activities to enable business earn profit from the conversion of visitor to potential customer. When speaking of success of the website, what matters most is acquiring optimized account and attain controlled- Cost Per Click( CPC), Click Through Rate (CTR), Cost Per lead and  Cost Per Transaction for the profit of the business. Hand over your pressure to us and we will deliver flawless optimization tools that work both on automated and manual mode. We can effectively handle inflow of traffic on the site with both organic and paid search activity. Organic and paid search marketing activities such as –

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activity
    Pay Per Click (PPC) or Display activity

One is aware of the benefits of Search Engine marketing technique but we turn it a reality as we apply it for your business. We think of a solution that will help you in the promotion of the product and growth of the business with application of right SEM strategy. We give equal emphasis to both organic and paid activity carried as we apply it for your business.

Dedicated keyword research is the first step we undertake to start with SEM activity as it is keyword targeted action. Any negative keyword which might cut down the traffic level and hamper conversion level is carefully excluded after much research. You will find your account organized and away from clutter as our professionals handle it. The ultimate target with our activity is to deliver overall performance and not meet just the short term goal for the business.

Both Adwords and Bing accounts are structured and results optimized. Planning for ad campaigns, ad groups, keywords structuring, ad text, layout of landing page is schemed after analyzing the search activity and behavior of the target audience. Much focus is given to competitors’ treatment of the product and service. No matter how much spent one incurs on the activity, the activity of our professionals is to derive much result out of the activity. We have also delivered good results with CTR with minimal cost.

Search solutions designed by our professionals give back good results as they are domain experts. They are Google Certified professionals who do not apply emphasis to platform but their core understanding of the industry. Audience behavior and ability to place ads at the right place plays the right wizardry. Organic listing helps in maintaining the Google traffic throughout and we help place content highlighting the core message of the business on platforms which audience subscribe to always.